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Which Good Wife Girl Are You?

ImageTo say that I am a HUGE fan of The Good Wife would be an understatement. All week I look forward to Sunday nights and all during the show, I grow more and more anxious that the hour will soon be over, and I’ll be left waiting Lord knows how many weeks before I get the chance to see them again. Invariably, while I watch, I compare myself to Alicia Florrick, the show’s heroine.

It’s complete and utter flattery that I let myself make the comparison, for I haven’t the education, skills or beauty of Ms. Florrick, but a girl can day dream. I’ve begun to consider the show professional development, because I come away each week feeling inspired, not just by Alicia, but by many of the show’s female characters. Each woman wields such power, grace and control. Ordinary women like me have much to learn from them. So in your work or personal life, which woman of The Good Wife are you?  

Alicia Florrick – (Calm) The wife of a disgraced state’s attorney, Alicia is the very definition of cool under pressure. You almost never see Alicia cry, but don’t think she isn’t hurting or full of doubt. Despite her pain and insecurity, Alicia always seems to find a way to get what she wants in work and in love, while being true to herself and the law. Alicia never loses her cool or composure in front of people, and to take the time to plan what she’s going to say so that she can deliver the precise message that’s needed, at the right time, with the best impact.

Elsbeth Tascioni – (Spoof) Elsbeth is a quirky woman that you think couldn’t be a good lawyer. Don’t be fooled. Elsbeth may lose track of the conversation, be ridiculously distracted by background noise, and not present the polished package you’d hope or expect from a litigator, but she’s the real deal and knows her stuff. Elsbeth uses her quirks as her weapons to confuse, discombobulate and disorient her opponents. Elsbeth’s quirks are, in effect, her strengths. You’re standing there scratching your head, while she’s already knocked your strategy into pieces and on to her next victim.

Kalinda Sharma – (Guts) Kalinda is a private investigator who is also fiercely private herself. Though petite in stature, Kalinda packs a punch, literally. The girl can fight and she’s not afraid to. Her one weakness is that she doesn’t trust anyone, but that’s what also keeps her on her toes and ready for anything. Kalinda teaches us the power of the poker face, and that physical strength can be very sexy. She uses her strength of silence to protect her heart and her physical strength to protect her bod. Thigh high boots don’t hurt either.

Diane Lockhart – (Spirit) Diane is a senior partner at the firm and a fierce competitor. She makes the tough decisions, delivers the unpopular news, and enjoys the heat. She will stop at nothing to win. Diane puts the be-“yuch” in boss. She has the uncanny ability to love and hate you at the same time, and fight and support you in the same breath. Watch out. Has she just promoted you? Or has she actually kicked you to the curb? You have no idea, but you walk away feeling good about it.  

I think what draws me most to these women is that they are all flawed, but also very strong and effective. It makes me believe that despite my shortcomings, my strengths can carry me. Though I like to think of myself as an “Alicia,” I think we’ve all got a little of each of them in us: the calm, the spoof, the guts and the spirit. Rock on. Be your own Good Wife Girl.

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