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C’mon. Tell Us How You Really Feel.

With all the honest revelations coming from some very big brand CEOs lately, you may be tempted to react as I did initially, and say, “Geez people, why don’t you learn a lesson and keep your racist or prejudiced or small-minded thoughts to yourself, for the sheer sake of your profits?”

But then I thought, no. I am glad to learn how these corporations-that-are-people actually feel about things. It narrows the market for me and makes the buying choices much easier. So, now I say, “Tell us! Please tell us how you really feel.”

I look forward to each day with a new kind of eagerness, excited to learn which new brand to avoid. Here’s my running list so far (in no particular order):

  1. Chick-Fil-A – because they’re against equal rights for Gays.
  2. Boy Scouts – same as above.
  3. Walmart – a million offenses against human and environmental resources, but mostly for discrimination against Blacks and women, and anti-Gay policies.
  4. Barilla (the number 2 pasta company in the world) – See #1 and #2.
  5. Hobby Lobby – For an unwelcoming attitude toward Jews and other Non-Christians. I’ll bet Gays, too.
  6. Abercrombie and Fitch – For their proactive campaign against the uncool or overweight.

The next group has had a history of anti-Gay policies or practices, but I am not sure where they stand today. A lot has changed in the last year, the last two years and the last five years. Let me know if you know differently about the following companies:

  1. Dollar General – Discriminatory hiring practices against LGBTs.
  2. BMW – same as #7.
  3. Cracker Barrel – This I should’ve known. They have a long history of discriminatory firing of gay employees. They’ve since changed the policy, but still supposedly offer no tolerance or diversity training, no domestic partner benefits and no support to LGBTs.
  4. Dish Network – Won’t carry LGBT networks, and shareholders voted against a policy that would’ve stopped the company from hiring based on sexual orientation.
  5. A-1 Storage – the second largest donors – more than $600K – to Yes on Prop 8 (DOMA) in CA.
  6. Gold’s Gym – Damn, I am in a contract with them. I didn’t know the CEO is a major donor to American Crossroads (Karl Rove’s gig that has a huge anti-Gay agenda). Not renewing.
  7. Domino’s – Damn again, just had it tonight. The CEO also contributes to organizations that work to block Gay rights and domestic partner benefits.

I hope I am wrong about #7-13. The info I obtained is from 2008 and a lot has changed since then. Perhaps they all have changed. Let me know if you know. I hate to leave Domino’s, especially when the Papa John’s guy seems like such a jerk, too (Google his comments about the Affordable Care Act).

Who else would you add to the list and why? It’s time we let brands know how we feel about them with our wallets.  

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